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Diamond Certificates

There are many laboratories throughout the world where experts assess diamonds and grade them accordingly. They determine the colour and clarity, as well as the polish, symmetry, fluorescence etc. WE are proud to offer our customers four of the largest laboratory diamond certificates: GIA, EGL, IGI & HRD.

GIA Diamond Grading Report: GIA is actually known as ‘The Gemological Institute of America’. This laboratory is the most recognised, most respected and largest for diamond certification. Established in 1949, GIA is a non-profit institute for gemological research and learning, which has now grown to nearly 400 staff operating in New York and California.  The GIA Diamond Grading Report includes a full page A4 report, or an A5 Diamond Document, with a diagram of your diamond’s clarity characteristics and unique security features. Over the decades GIA have enhanced the already impressive layout and image of their reports. We are proud to offer an extensive collection of engagement rings, diamond earrings and pendants with these prestigious certifications.


EGL Diamond Certificate: EGL which is formally known as the ‘European Gemology Lab’ was established in 1974 in Antwerp, Belgium. Around the world they are now the largest independent network of gemological laboratories.  The EGL Diamond Certificate provides a full A4 page report with a diamond diagram and the stone’s unique features. Not only do we offer GIA diamonds to our customers, but we also have a fantastic choice of EGL diamonds as an alternative.     


IGI Diamond Report: IGI stands for ‘International Gemological Institute’. This organisation is the largest independent grading certification company in the world. Established in Antwerp in 1975, IGI issue more than half a million reports annually by over 350 scientific specialists and gemologists. The number of their dedicated staff is continually increasing. The IGI Diamond Report also provides a full A4 page report, a diamond diagram and the stone’s unique features. Many of our diamond cluster, engagement and eternity rings are IGI certified which we are delighted to stock throughout the year.


HRD Diamond Certificate: HRD stands for ‘Hoge Raad voor Diamant’ and is also refered to as the ‘Diamond High Council’. This organisation was established in 1973 and is the major contributor to jobs in the Antwerp diamond community. The HRD Diamond Certificate provides a full A4 page report, a diamond diagram with the stone’s unique features. Again, we also stock HRD certificated diamonds to give our customer an incredible choice.